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With over 70 years of experience in various cranes and lifeboat davits for merchant ships, we have received the trust of quality, technology and service from domestic and foreign customers.

Our Advantages

  1. Global Production Base

    We established a 100% subsidiary Nantong Sekigahara Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a global production base in P. R. China, and offer products and services throughout the Asian region.

  2. Trust and Experiences

    We have received solid trust in quality, technologies and services with many years of experiences supporting shipbuilding nation Japan through the supply of various marine cranes and lifeboat davits.

  3. Service Network

    We have established world-wide service network consisting of 103 locations in 33 countries, and we offer well-trained expert engineers for high-quality maintenance and service of our life-saving equipment.


  • Free-fall Lifeboat Launching System
    Trust Technical Strength

    Merchant ships machinery products are all manufactured by our own design, we respond to customer's requests by pursuing optimum specification and standardization.

  • Hinged type Lifeboat Davits
    Hinged type Lifeboat Davits

    It is a system that lowers a life boat or a rescue boat by its own weight from the ship during maritime accident or emergency. In addition to International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), it complies with the rules and regulations of each country and is compatible with every type of boat and ship.

  • Engine Room Overhead Cranes
    Engine Room Overhead Cranes

    They are installed on the ceiling of the ship's engine room and are used for inspection, repairing and overhauling of the main engine. Our products have high reliability for pulling out the pistons that require sensitive operations. We hold the No. 1 share in Japanese market, and it is compatible with every type of ship.

  • Monorail Cranes
    Monorail Cranes

    The crane beam suspended on the fixed rail runs in the starboard and port direction. Monorail cranes are used for cargo handling such as food and engine parts at the port. Compared with the conventional overhang rail with hoist type, safety, maintenance and operation efficiency shall be greatly improved. Also, we can correspond gantry type crane running on a fixed rail installed on the deck.

  • Provision Cranes
    Provision Cranes

    They turn the boom installed on the cylindrical base. They are used for cargo handling such as food and engine parts at the port. With simple structure, safe and efficient operation is possible.
    It is easy to install on any type of ship, and it is applied to the regulation of each classification society.

  • Hose Handling Cranes
    Hose Handling Cranes

    They are used for handling for discharging liquid or powder material such as crude oil, liquefied gas, chemical products, cement, etc. In addition to the electro-hydraulic driving single boom type, we can correspond telescopic boom or knuckle boom type.


World-wide Service Network

Find your best service partner from our world-wide service network.

Service News

Latest  service or maintenance information -related marine equipment are available.

  • Countermeasure for prevent the accident by misoperation

    Date : 4.13.2021 / News No : SSN016

    Countermeasure for prevent the accident by misoperation

    Category :Precaution Information

    Model : SFC21063EH



    PDF download(831.85KB)
  • Oil Leak Trouble from Wire Drum Shaft

    Date : 10.1.2019 / News No : SSN015

    Oil Leak Trouble from Wire Drum Shaft

    Category : Precaution Information

    Model : *All the winch for gravity type davit:
                  SWE-*** (Davit type : SHS-**/ SJS**)
                  SNW-*** (Davit type : SH-**/ SFB-**)

    PDF download(338.40KB)

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