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Our consistent Monozukuri from design stage, manufacturing to installation and up to maintenance services for tunnel excavators and other high precision large handmade products, shall realize perfect meeting of customer's requirements.

Our Advantages

  1. Consistent Production for Satisfactory Custom-made

    We provide satisfactory solutions with consistent manufacturing system from development, design and production to on-site installation and after-sales service.

  2. Tunnel Excavators

    We manufacture excavators according to the purpose, such as the tunnel size, geological feature, location, and straight or curved path, etc. (Corresponding to small and medium size excavators within 7m in diameter and 50m in length).

  3. Large-scale Processing Equipment

    We have large scale equipment of the top class in Tokai region (central Japan), including super-large five-surface processing machines.


  • Tunnel Boring Machines

    Tunnel Excavators

    Slurry type shield (for horizontal sectioning of rivers or seabed), EPB (Earth Pressure Balance) type shield (for urban civil engineering), TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine for hard rocks), etc.

  • Plant Equipment

    Plant Equipment

    Platform truck assembly and disassembly equipment, turnover equipment for thick boards, etc. (Corresponding to wide variety of factory equipment needs such as machinery manufacturing, repair equipment, etc.)

  • Special Vehicles

    Special Vehicles

    Special vehicles such as "bridge inspection vehicles / aerial work vehicles" applied crane technologies (Our technologies can be helpful for improving efficiency and safety of various works)

  • Tower Cranes

    Tower Cranes

    Using technology spanning more than half a century with marine crane manufacturing, we produce a variety of specialized cranes such as tower cranes, bridge type cranes, bucket cranes used in the waste incineration plant, etc.

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