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We manufacture large hydraulic equipment (cylinders, axles) to be mounted on mining machines with our own processing technology and respond to customers worldwide with quality and reliability.

Our Advantages

  1. Core Technologies for Large Cylinder Manufacturing

    We have core technologies such as SRB (Skiving and Roller Burnishing) technology which can finish processing the cylinder inner diameter in one shot, narrow-gap robot welding on the cylinder rod section, fully automatic ultrasonic inspection, etc.

  2. Production Lines with Large Process in Small Lot

    We manufacture products with production lines of large processing machines in small rot while keeping safety paramount.

  3. Respond to the Specialized Products

    We combine our own product design and skilled processing technologies to meet the required accuracy of large and specialized hydraulic cylinders with high level of difficulty.


  • Large hydraulic cylinders

    Large Hydraulic Cylinders

    Various cylinders for excavators and wheel loaders
    Multistage cylinders for vessel of dump trucks

  • Front axle assembly

    Front Axle AssemblyY

    Construction: suspension, brake assembly
    Class: 25 to 150 tons dump trucks

  • Large-scale press cylinders

    Large-scale Press Cylinders

    Specialized cylinders for industrial equipment
    Cylinders for marine cranes
    Dampers for base isolated structure buildings

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