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We are strong in precision processing and machine base production by using natural stones (granites) as materials. We respond customers’ needs to high precision products in the field of new special materials such as ceramics and quartz glasses.

Our advantages

  1. Ultra-high Precision Processing

    We have a factory dedicated to granite processing and assembly. It is equipped with constant temperature room (temp. 23 ± 1°C, humidity 50 ± 10%), constant temperature booth (temp. 23 ± 0.1°C) and abundant measuring equipment, and we can produce ultra-high precision products in submicron unit.

  2. Respond to Large-scale Products and Special Processing

    We have achieved various kinds of stone (granite) processing, focused on surface plate and machine base. We also can correspond to various special processing including a hole processing (minimum φ 0.8mm) and groove processing (minimum 0.2mm).

  3. Various Materials

    Utilizing the grinding technologies and know-how cultivated through all kinds of stone (granite) processing for standardized and tailor made products, we can also respond to high precision processing of special materials such as ceramics and quartz glasses, and composite materials.

Characteristics of Granites

  • Abrasion Resistance

    Granites hardness is 2 to 2.5 times more than cast iron and it has excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Thermal Conductivity

    It has low thermal conductivity and precision surface is stable.

  • Anti-vibration Characteristics

    The granite itself has anti-vibration characteristics.

  • Maintenance-free

    There is no rust generation or corrosion, change over the years is minute.

  • No Effect from Scratches

    Even if it gets scratched, it does not burr and maintains precision surface.

  • Low Static Electricity

    The generation of static electricity is minute.

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