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We are developing technical proposals that integrated a wide variety of Palfinger Marine group products and our proprietary technologies and services, mainly for government ships, special ships and peripheral marine industry.

Our advantages

  1. Collaboration with Overseas Partner

    We are promoting product development and technical proposal responding flexibly to customer's requests from a wide range of product menus of Palfinger Marine, worldwide deck machinery manufacturer.

  2. Abundant Achievements of Special Projects

    We have plenty of special projects that require extremely high level of technical skills, especially for the Maritime Self - Defense Force and the Japan Coast Guard. With pride which plays a part of national interest, we are striving to make products and services.

  3. After-sales Service

    AAfter the product delivery, we provide high-level technical services implemented by dedicated engineers and make optimal maintenance suggestions using databases from the customer’s perspective.


  • Multi-joint Cranes (PK type and PFM type)
    Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes (PK type and PFM type)

    With a wide range of line-ups from 6 to 330mt, we offer and select an optimal capacity hydraulic crane with a minimum stowage space. We can also offer a wide range of optional equipment such as pressure boosters, cable / radio remote controllers, etc.

  • Multi-joint Cranes with Grab Bucket
    Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes with Grapple

    This crane has a grapple on the boom tip in order to collect ocean drifting trash or driftwood. It is possible to position by with remote automatic operation to alleviate operator's stress.

  • Foldable Cranes (PKM type)
    Knuckle Boom Cranes (PKM type)

    These cranes are simple and easy to operate with a line-ups of 17 to 165mt.

  • Mounted Boat Lifting and Dropping Fittings with Built-in Vibration Controlling Device
    Work Boat Handling Cranes with Damping Control Device

    In addition to suppressing the swinging of the mounted boat even on a rough sea, this crane can safely recover and launch the boat with seafarers while maintaining a stable posture, without being influenced by the high and low of the waves by the rope winch with the automatic tensioning function. Also, it can be operated in parallel while running with mother ship by using simultaneously with towing device.
    Simplified Damping Control Device
    Due to making the conventional damping control device lighter and more compact, the foldable knuckle boom crane can be folded and stored, and it can also be mounted on a small ship with a limited stowage space.

  • Lifting and Dropping Fittings for Ship’s Tender
    Tender Boat Davits

    This davit is for safely lowering a tender boat mounted on a passenger ship to the sea surface.

  • Stern Lifting and Dropping Fittings
    Slipway System

    Installing at the center of the stern, by rotating the wheels with automatic angle adjustment function, it can safely recover and launch boats of different bottom shapes, such as work boats, daughter crafts, lifeboats, etc. It can be operated up to a speed difference of 7 knots between the mother ship and the boat and, in severe sea condition of Sea State 5.

  • USV Lifting and Dropping Fittings
    USV Handling Crane

    With remote automatic operation control, it can easily and safely position USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) installed on the survey boats to lift and drop USV.

  • CTD Crane & Catcher
    CTD Handling Crane & with Catcher

    Equipped with a CTD (water sampler) catcher, it can be operated in various postures with multipurpose by using remote automatic operation control in conjunction with various winches for ocean observation.

  • AUV Catcher
    AUV Catcher

    With the AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) catcher attached to the crane boom tip, it can ensure handling of AUV.

  • Rescuer Lifting Fittings
    Rescuer Lifting Platform

    It is a hydraulically driven platform to lift down and up rescuers and divers. It is made of titanium material for lightweight with high corrosion resistance.

  • Portable Lifting Fittings
    Portable Rescuer Lifting Platform

    It is a portable manually platform to lift down and up rescuers or divers. It is easy to install on a small boat, and it is made of aluminum material for lightweight.

With collaboration with following overseas partner, we provide optimum products and services.



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