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As a principal part of our business since our founding, we are contributing to safe and stable transportation of railway. As a laboratory plant in joint development with customers, we are supplying new products to the market.

Our advantages

  1. Abundant Achievements

    Railway Turnouts are required high accuracy to ensure safety and stability. We have been producing them for more than 70 years.

  2. Joint Development

    We are assertively involved in new product development and installing suitable facilities to realize reduction of workload of railway maintenance.

  3. Respond to the Specialized Rails

    Since our establishment, we gather our cultivated processing technologies such as cutting, bending and heat treatment, to respond to specialized rails.


  • Assembly Switches

    Assembly Turnouts

    Usage: Device for switching train trucks in the station premises or on the main line, and guiding the train
    Features: It corresponds to various specifications such as loading for factories, construction work as well as passenger cars. Our technologies are contributing to safe and secure transportation

  • Adhesive Isolation Rails

    Glued-insulated Joint Rails

    Usage: At railway traffic lights where rail needs to be electrically isolated and rigidly connected, it is used joining the rail and seam plate with glue
    Features: With developing and improving, it is given strength far exceeding the standard, which realized a long life for the products. It contributes to safety and reducing maintenance

  • Rails for Expansion Joint

    Rails for Expansion Joint

    Usage: It is for a long rail sections with large amount of expansion / contraction (Shinkansen lines / local train lines)
    Features: It uses two matching rails at both ends to absorb expansion and contraction

Cases of Joint Development with Customers

  • TST Bolts (High Strength Bolts for Rail Connection)

    TST Bolts (High Strength Bolts for Rail Connection)

    Usage: It is used for glued-insulated joint rails for Shinkansen train lines and ordinal seam plate bolts for local train lines.
    Features: Successfully overcame the weak points of conventional seam plate bolts and dispersed and relaxed stress concentration. It is contributing to safety at joints by prolonging the life of the joints which may break due to train loads.

  • Switch Direction Indicators

    Switch Direction Indicators

    Usage: It is used as an indicator that allows to visually check the direction that trains are approaching in local line switching (safety point switch indicator for all seasons)
    Features: By showing indicator only in the opening direction, it can be seen by the train approaching from one direction at a glance. It works in all seasons and contributes to safety during train operations

  • Adjustable Tie Plates for bridges without ballasted decks

    Gauge Adjustable Tie Plates

    Usage: Used for tie plates to correct the rail gauge positioning at bridges or turnouts section
    Features: Rail gauge positioning can be adjusted without removing or inserting fastening screws. It contributes to labor saving during track maintenance and maintaining high accuracy tracks.

Journal Boxes Products

Business contents

We manufacture journal boxes products for railway vehicles for major Japanese bearing manufacturers. With the technical capability cultivated over many years, we are working on providing safe and stable supply of critical safety parts.

Our advantages

  1. Forged Products

    High precision forging technologies have realized high quality and high efficiency production.

  2. Automated Production Line

    The free hanger conveyor system automates the production line and achieves high-quality parker processing.

  3. Small Lot Production

    We respond to customer's QCD from minimum lot of 1.


  • Front cover gear cutting
    Front cover with gear cutting
  • Front cover
    Front cover
  • Back cover
    Rear cover

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