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  • 5 Axis Processing Machine

    5 Axis Processing Machine

    Transfer amount: X 12.5m × Y 5.4m × Z 1.1m
    Table size: 3.5m × 12m
    Gate width: 4.6m, height 3.65m
    Process capabilities: Up to 40 tons, 7 other units

  • Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

    Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

    Transfer amount: X 15.0m × Y 5.0m × Z 1.1m
    Floor size: 4.0m x 4.0m x 3 tables (1 rotary table)
    Height: 5.0m
    Process capabilities: Up to 50 tons

  • Grinding Center

    Grinding Center

    Transfer amount: X 4.2m × Y 3.5m × Z 0.8m
    Table size: 2.5m × 4.0m, Gate width 3.25m
    Process capabilities: Up to 1.4m height and 25 tons

  • Five-face Processing Machine (for rail processing)

    Five-face Processing Machine (for rail processing)

    Table size: 1.8m × 10m
    Gate width: 2.1m, height 6.5m
    1 other unit

  • Surface Grinding Machine

    Surface Grinding Machine

    Table size: 2.5m × 5m, gate width 3m
    Height: 1.5m 5 other units

  • Turning Processing Machine

    Turning Processing Machine

    Table size: φ 4m, Turning diameter; φ 7m
    Height: 3m (milling is possible)
    6 other units

  • Bending Roll

    Horizontal Machining Center

    Palette size; 800mm x 800mm, with 2 faces APC
    With facing function, 5 other units

  • Press Machine

    Skiving and Roller Burnishing

    Processing inner diameter; φ120 – 400mm
    Length; 1200 – 4000mm

  • Positioner

    Welding Robot

    Automatic CO2/MAG gas welding, 6 Axis independent articulated type
    Robot + Dedicated positioner, 6 other units

  • Laser Tracker

    Laser Tracker

    Measurement range: 4m to 160m
    Measurement accuracy: ± 0.022mm to ± 0.297mm

  • Arm type 3D Measuring Instrument

    Arm type 3D Measuring Instrument

    Measurement range: 2.4m, measurement accuracy ± 0.034mm
    Fixed point repetition accuracy: 0.024mm

  • 3D Measuring Machine

    3D Measuring Machine

    Maximum measurement dimension: W1600 × L2000 × H1600 mm

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