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Sekigahara Ningenmura Foundation

"Sekigahara Ningenmura Foundation" is a governance body at Ningenmura Company. It was established in June 2009 with the aim of keeping corporate culture and tradition and succeeding the philosophy managements of our company. The group companies, Sekigahara Seisakusho, Sekigahara General Service and Nantong Sekigahara Machinery Manufacturing, will continue to demonstrate their existing values to society at all times while supplying solid management based on the advice from the Foundation.

Overview of the Foundation

Name Sekigahara Ningenmura Foundation, General Foundation
Address 2067 Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-1593, Japan
Ph: +81-584-43-1212 Fax: +81-584-43-1929
Established June 1st, 2009
Representative Director Koji Sakuma

Basic Policy

Under the philosophy of "Seeking Ningen Hiroba endlessly", we delve into the social existence values of Ningenmura Company promoting democratic corporate management as human centered, and contribute to the healthy development of society.

Business Contents

Management Advisory Activities Provide recommendation and advice to the 3 group companies for the execution and continuation of philosophy managements
Environment Improvement Activities Living space and life space where nature, history and culture harmonize = Comprehensive design in environment improvement of Ningenmura
Social Contribution Activities Recognize the role as a corporate citizen, promote and plan activities aiming the creation of an affluent community
Public Relations Activities Disseminate philosophy of management, corporate culture and tradition of Ningenmura Company, aiming to build a relationship of trust with society

HQ plant: 2067 Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-1593, Japan
Ph: +81-584-43-1212 Fax: +81-584-43-1929

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