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Basic Philosophy

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Capability Development Philosophy

"Ningenmura Company" to create business through Human Resource Development and Company Development.

We believe that companies exist not just to pursue profits, but people who are encouraged to learn while being mutually beneficial "Ningen Hiroba". The foundation of that is, first of all, human resource development; we believe that the blooming of businesses useful for society will be accomplished as the company is making progress with all employees with the same mind and mission.
Each and every employee challenges towards the target every day, everyone gets involved with the company's evolution and innovation, and eventually the social existence value as a company increases. We aim to become such a "Ningenmura Company".

Our Activities

[ Cultivate Integral Abilities and Technological Capabilities ]


  1. Initial Stage

    Company belongs to everyone

    Sekigahara Seisakusho has been building its history for over 70 years since 1946 when Founder Goro Yabashi started the railway equipment production for the Japanese National Railways in Sekigahara, Gifu Prefecture. The company has undergone various changes as time has passed, however the spirit from foundation "Our Company belongs to everyone" advocated by Goro Yabashi has remained unchanged and is still inherited by employees.

  2. The born of our philosophy

    People gather to make a company, the company reflects people working there

    Our course of history has never been easy; we have overcome many trials and crises. Then, our management philosophy of "Ningen Hiroba" was established. The company shall be a place where each employee self-improves with their co-workers and accumulation of each activity leads people as an irreplaceable existence in society. Our company has been aiming for a "Ningenmura Company" centered on such people.

    Sekigahara Ningenmura Foundation
  3. Evolution of Business

    The Best Niche Department Store in Japan

    At the Sekigahara Seisakusho, which aims for "The best niche department store in Japan", we have been developing a wide variety of custom-made products ranging from precision granite products requiring submicron precision to marine cranes and large-scale machines such as tunnel excavators. Our consistent manufacturing system is strongly established for every product from development, design and production to quality control.

    Our Business
  4. To the Future

    Aiming for a “100-year-old Enterprise”

    For more than 70 years since our foundation, we have and are cherishing more connections with local communities than ever and we would like to contribute to society in a wider range of fields. To succeed the corporate culture of Sekigahara Seisakusho has been cultivated under the philosophy of "Seeking Ningen Hiroba endlessly", and for a company that will go on for 100 years. Our challenge will continue.

    cafe mirai

Sekigahara Seisakusho, by key words

  • Seven Businesses and Three Companies

    Started from the production of railway equipment, our company has gradually expanded its business area in response to the needs of customers and the times, and now six businesses have been developed. As an organization, it consists of three companies, Sekigahara Seisakusho, Sekigahara General Service and Nantong Sekigahara Machinery Manufacturing (P.R. China). We are progressing with business activities while deepening cooperation with each other.

  • Consistent Manufacturing System

    Sekigahara Seisakusho pursues to manufacture “One and Only” and “Be the Best”, thanks to close trust from customers. The real reason to have achieved this trust is that we have established a manufacturing system that is consistent from development to design, production to follow-up after delivery. With this consistency, we can provide products and services with high added values.

  • 1/10000mm Granite Precision Processing

    Granite precision processing boasting precision of 1/10000 mm is one of our core technologies. Among them, we are the best in the production of flat granite surface plates used for processing and inspection of machine parts. Our facilities are extensive to create super high precision such as constant temperature room (±0.1 ℃) , clean room (class1000), dedicated measurement equipment, etc.

  • Dug by Our Tunnel Excavator

    Tunnel excavators are one of our super-large and special machinery for industrial use from design to assembly ourselves. This is also the advantage of Sekigahara Seisakusho that can produce with consistent custom-made, such as One Tunnel Excavator covering a diameter of 7m and a length of 50m. We have contributed to many infrastructure maintenance and development projects in Japan and overseas.

  • Manufacturing Training Facility “Takumi Dojo”

    There is an educational facility for manufacturing that is called "Takumi Dojo" at HQ plant. Employees voluntarily learn techniques such as welding, machining, assembly, etc. from the basic. A work environment similar to the plant site is arranged, and experienced experts who have qualifications such as skill professionals are the supervisors. There is a place where excellent skills and knowledge are inherited continuously.

  • Vast Campus “Sekigahara Ningenmura”

    It is nothing but our employees that are moving Sekigahara Seisakusho, they are trying to have enriched lives as thinking the company as a living space and a community of living. Our company is a vast campus for workers to learn and grow. We collectively call all our places and activities "Sekigahara Ningenmura" and we are constantly working on creating a richer environment.

HQ plant: 2067 Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-1593, Japan
Ph: +81-584-43-1212 Fax: +81-584-43-1929

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