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Sekigahara General Service Co., Ltd.


Sekigahara General Service challenges a wide range of services and manufacturing, with the spirit of creation of "Create our own work with ourselves". Also, as a member of the Ningenmura Company, following the philosophy of "Seeking Ningen Hiroba endlessly", we provide services and products that emphasize customer-first. Our company’s target is that employees can find work worthwhile and rewarding while making progress with colleagues.

Our Business

  • Land Machinery Service Business

    Our main business contains a) Inspection, maintenance, improvement of functions and lifesaving maintenance work of bucket cranes in the waste disposal plant, b) Manufacturing hydraulic grab buckets for cranes c) Controlling programming for cranes. With the motto of promptness making full use of mobility and technical proposal according to the requests, we provide various services that our customers need.

  • Electrical Service Business

    We undertake a role of production of electric control cabinets, maintenance of all electric facilities and factory cranes in Sekigahara Seisakusho. Our advantage is based on the achievement of reliable electrical control cabinet production that can match handmade products and special products, and maintenance proposals prevents future problems on electrical facilities and factory cranes. We support the Ningenmura Company with electricity conservation technology.

  • Environmental Business

    We are responsible for community-based green maintenance such as Sekigahara Town as well as maintenance of factory facilities and maintenance of lawn and planting in entire Sekigahara Seisakusho. We are working on creating the environment that supports realization of Sekigahara Seisakusho's "100-year-old enterprise", and creating the environment that is loved by local communities.

Company Overview

Company Name Sekigahara General Service Co., Ltd.
Location 2067 Sekigahara-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu 503-1593, Japan
Ph: +81-584-43-1878 Fax: +81-584-43-2401
Established October 26th, 1983
Representative President / Masataka Asano
Amount of Sales 1 billion yen (as of May 31st 2019)
Number of Employees 73(as of May 31st 2019)
Our Business Land machinery service business, marine machinery service business, electrical service business and environmental business
Key Customers Sekigahara Town, Tarui Town, Ogaki City, Gifu City, Ena City, Susono City, Kahoku Gun, Kahoku City, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd., Nippon Steel & Sumikin Environmental Plant Solutions Corporation, Hitachi Zosen Corporation., SN Environment Technology Co., Ltd., IHI Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Heavy Industries Environment Co., Ltd., NTT Facilities, Inc. (Titles omitted, in no particular order)
Acquired Construction Licenses License number General -28 No. 200314 Civil engineering work, Building construction work, Scaffolding and earthwork, Masonry work, Electrical construction work, Steel structure construction work, Paving work, Machine and equipment installation work, Telecommunications construction work, Water facilities work
Acquired ISO 9001 certification (in 2001)


1983 Established Sekigahara General Service Co., Ltd.
Started maintenance contract of Sekigahara Seisakusho
1984 Started building stone construction work
1986 Expanded maintenance contract of Sekigahara Seisakusho
Started civil engineering construction work
1995 Started maintenance service of bucket cranes for waste disposal plant
2000 Transferred and started the production of electric control cabinets for marine machinery products from Sekigahara Seisakusho
2001 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in the electrical service business
2006 Completed the head office new building
Started inspection and maintenance of lifeboat davits of Sekigahara Seisakusho
2007 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in the land machinery service business and marine machinery service business
Started watching and inspection of electric facilities and energy saving security works at Sekigahara Seisakusho
2010 Acquired ISO 9001 certification in the environmental business
Started maintenance service trading for waste disposal plant with major plant manufacturers
2014 Started external trading of planting work, as a first trading with Sekigahara Town Office
2018 Started design and production of electric control cabinets collaborated with major electronics/machinery manufacturers

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Ph. +81-584-43-1878
[ Reception time ] Weekdays 8:00 - 16:50 *except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and company holidays

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