Our Activities

Our activities are aiming to grow and evolve among all employees and the entire group, advocating "Ningenmura Company".

Everyone is the Principal

The company "Ningenmura" where each employee shines

For workers, the workplace is where they spend a lot of time in life. That is why, at Sekigahara Seisakusho, we consider the company not just to be "a place to work", but a place where employees spend fulfilled and enriched time every day, “a bright and enjoyable living space", "a life space that can feel a sense of motivation and rewarding" = "Ningenmura". For the creation of the foundation of human resource development, we have started three activities: "Manabiya (learning) activity", "Gijyutsumura (technical sessions) activity" and "Bunkamura (cultural event) activity". Through three activities, each and every one of our employees will improve their abilities and technological capabilities to challenge themselves. We are continually working to nurturing our corporate culture.

To an Open Company

Connect with the Community

Based on the spirit of "Our Company belongs to everyone", Sekigahara Seisakusho has been developing our company while connecting with people, businesses and relationships with local communities. In order to further evolve these initiatives, we will strengthen the connection and ties with local communities in the future and aim to become a company truly open to society.
In June, 2018, cafe "mirai" opened as a new facility of "Ningenmura". Through the cafe and various workshops, we started initiatives to evolve "Ningenmura" into a place for relaxation, learning, and cultural exchange for local people.
Activities based on "mirai" are new challenges for us towards our future. We will continue to explore the social existence values as a truly open company by broadening our views while always keeping the spirit of the founder which we inherited a long time ago.

Our Initiatives

Learning Center

  • 21st Century Management School

    It is a training to get a new awareness with looking back on our work life and review. It is a place to build awareness from informal communication with co-workers or by obtaining advice from senior employees, and to draw our own "desired images".

  • Various Training (internal & external)

    Various training is implemented to acquire necessary business skills and management skills by level. Available training: MBA acquisition, executive candidate training, mid-level employee training, new employee education, etc.

  • Overseas training

    All employees visit abroad every few years. Through experiences of other cultures and ethnics that difficult to gain in everyday situations, we can cultivate richer sensibilities.

Technical Sessions

  • Sekigahara Technical Skills Competition

    We hold Sekigahara Technical Skills Competition internally every year to improve the technologies and skills that are the basis of manufacturing. It is divided into ten categories, young to medium engineers compete with their skills. Higher ranking competitors also participate in external competitions.

  • Skill Certification and Qualification Acquisition

    Employees learn skills such as machining, welding, assembly, etc. In the training space called “Takumi Dojo” in the plant and challenge to achieve skill certifications and qualifications. Qualified persons aim for further advanced qualifications to satisfy self-improvement desires.

  • Technical Fruits Presentation

    Employees present the year’s results towards the element technologies and construction method development. At the same time, it is an important event to review on activities and connect to the next step up as an opportunity to cultivate young employees.

Cultural Events

  • Various Events

    There are various events throughout the four seasons such as craft classes for children’s day, summer festival, founding commemoration event, rice cake making event, etc. We are making “Hiroba (gathering space)” that everyone can participate, including employees, their family members and local residents.

  • Museum activities

    Numerous works of artists who resonated with our company's "Ningenmura Hiroba" philosophy, including a copperplate print artist, Ms. Noriko Kiyotsuka, are on display in the premises. The open space creates a beautiful art space in harmony with the nature of Sekigahara.

    Facility of Ningenmura
  • cafe mirai

    It opened in June, 2018 to activate the communication in local communities. It is something that we have been cherishing from foundation. We are planning to hold a variety of workshops as a base for a cultural hub.

    cafe mirai

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